Hola! I have been playing 24 the math game since 5th grade and decided to build 4 Numbers! in early 2012. My current title is Chief Chef at 4 Numbers!. I received a PhD in EECS, from UC Berkeley in 2007 and a B.E. in Automation from Tsinghua University, Beijing. After grad school, I spent a year as a post doctoral researcher in the Information Theory Group at HP Labs, Palo Alto. I currently work for D.E. Shaw in New York. Wayback, I was brought up in Harbin where you can find the coldest winter in the People's Republic.


Some random bits: I used to be the only long term tenant in Berkeley Hostel which is next door to the AEPi Fraternity. Coincidence? I don't think so. I was 2 of the 4 Berkeley Engineering News brainteaser winners in spring 2003. So my chances of winning the raffle was pretty high. The prize was 2 movie tickets. I watched a very fine movie,View from the Top. I was the teaching assistant for EECS-126, in Fall 2005 for Professor Sahai. I was a Lab TA for EECS-100, in both Fall 2002 and Spring 2003. In Spring 2003, students were asked to build a feedback control system for their favorite random process. Two of my favorites: Light-tracker is a robot that positions itself toward the light source. Cruise-control is speed controller where the speed of the wheel is measured by a photodetector.
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